Residential service

Residential Electrical Service


We ensure the safety and efficiency of your home and family with our high-quality install, repair and electrical maintenance services. We’ll handle everything from audio-visual system installs and smart home wiring to landscape lighting and sustainable energy management solutions. Our residential electrical services will save you time, money and stress, and ensure your home operates as efficiently as possible.

General Electrical Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and repair will save you a lot of time, stress and hassle over time. We’ll manage your general electrical maintenance for your home or any residential building, no matter what the size, to maintain the safest and most efficient environment possible for the people who live there.

Closed-circuit television system cctv

CCTV ensures the safety and security of everyone in and around your home. Our expert team will handle the installation and maintenance of CCTV equipment as well as extra components like cameras, LCD displays, DVRs, and many more.

Power and switchboards

We have years of experience in delivering single-phase and three-phase power for domestic applications as well as hardwired connections to suit your more extensive needs. We also provide switchboards that are compatible with 100 Amps and above, in addition to metering, circuit protection, RCDs, contractors, relays and power factor correction units.

Landscape lighting

Take your outdoor space to the next level with our amazing range of landscape lighting. Strategically placed lights can help to improve the safety of your property while enhancing the look and feel of the environment. We’re also proficient in architectural lighting, flood lighting and all manner of security lighting. Our expert team can help you devise the unique look you’re after.

Home security systems

A high-quality security system is the best way to protect your home and keep your family safe. We provide and install a wide range of systems like motion detection, CCTV systems, access control systems and alarms.

Intercom systems

Increase the ease of communication around your home and add an extra level of security with our wide range of intercom systems. We install and maintain systems in any size building to suit the unique needs of the environment. We can even install full-colour video systems.

Telephone & data Systems

We provide a huge range of telephone and data services that are optimised for residential building from single homes to large-scale buildings. Our systems, essential for home offices, make communication in your home easy.

Sustainable smart homes

Smart home wiring not only makes your household more efficient to save money, it also makes your life easier. Our technicians provide extensive wiring support to control lighting, power, communications, access control, irrigation, movement sensors, telephones and even your heating and cooling system.

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Audio visual systems

Our years of experience enable us to customise the install of audiovisual systems to fit the unique requirements of your home. We provide systems that are as simple as a standard MATV configuration, or as complex as home and commercial theatre systems like LCD screens, plasma screens, motorised screens, IR systems, speakers, mixers and wireless and cloud-based AV systems.

Home theater

Our expert services are able to bring you stunning realism and immersion with your home theatre system. We’ll take care of the installation of equipment and cabling so your systems are fully integrated into your home. We install LCDs, plasmas, motorised screens, projection systems, and wireless and cloud-based AV systems.

Fire detection

First-rate and expertly installed fire detection systems are essential to all homes and ensure the protection of your family in the event of a fire. We provide installation of commercial fire detection systems as well as regular maintenance to keep your systems in working order.

MATV, cable & satellite

Our certified team will supply, install and maintain any of the television services you require in your home to ensure you have a clear picture and top service at all times. MATV components may include VHF antennas, digital antennas, multiplexers, UHF antennas, and more.

Solar systems

We provide solar power for your home including the installation of solar panels, inverters and batteries as an alternative power source that can save you money and reduce your environmental footprint.

LED lighting

An LED lighting upgrade is one of the most effective energy-saving measures that you can implement in your home and choosing the correct LED lighting system for your home is so much easier with our help. There are a million different options out there, so Lyon Technics will provide you with the LED lighting solution that fits with your home and lifestyle. It’s not just about the look of the lights, it’s also about providing the correct lighting outputs, control, switching and dimming.