Commercial Service

Commercial Electrical Service


From a small office space to a huge commercial building, our team will handle all of your commercial electrical requirements. Our high-quality and fully compliant work ensures your workplace is safe for your employees and customers and continues running efficiently. Over four decades of experience has seen us create innovative electrical solutions for even the most complex situations.

General Electrical maintenance

Regular maintenance of your electrical services is crucial to the safety and functionality of your business. We’ll provide general electrical maintenance to help you maintain the most productive environment possible for your staff and customers. Regular maintenance will also save you money on major repairs in the future.

Generator power & transfer switching

Avoid losing money due to untimely power shortages and interruptions. Our expert team can advise on the best backup power option and install it for your business. We provide backup generator power supplies with diesel generators, transfer switching for backup power and more to keep your business running efficiently and productively.

Energy management

We use the latest technology available to bring efficient energy management practices to small offices, large commercial building and everything in between. Efficient energy practices won’t just make your business more environmentally friendly; they also save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills.

Power & Switchboards

We’re skilled in providing single-phase and three-phase power to commercial applications in all environments from small businesses to large enterprises as well as hardwired connections to suit the extensive needs of a growing business. We also provide switchboards that are compatible with 100 Amps and 1000 Amps and above in addition to metering, circuit protection, RCDs, contractors, relays and power factor correction units.

Uninterupted power supplies (UPS)

An uninterruptable power source is invaluable to businesses in the event of a power outage. Keep important equipment running, avoid losing valuable work and continue servicing clients for an indefinite amount of time. We’ll find the best option for your business and ensure the install and maintenance is kept up to date. Our units can also monitor for voltage issues, surges and other problems, alerting you to a small issue before it gets out of hand.

Surge and lightning protection

Save thousands of dollars in damages in the event of a power surge with our surge and lightning protection. Through the use of surge diverters, filters and air terminals we protect your electrical systems, and anything connected to a power outlet.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting ensures the safety of everyone in your workplace. When strategically placed, they help everyone exit the building easily and safely in the event of an emergency and keep your business WHS compliant. We’ll supply, install and monitor the ongoing maintenance of your emergency lighting, including six-monthly tests, repairs and documentation to single point and monitored systems.

RCD Testing & Tagging

We provide RCD testing and testing tagging with the latest technology to ensure your business complies with the latest WHS laws. We service a wide array of commercial building and worksites. Our expert team also handles the ongoing maintenance including monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly, yearly and three-yearly tests, repairs and documentation.

Audio visual system

Our team will configure and install any audio-visual system to meet the specific requirements of your business. We can provide systems that are as simple as a standard MATV configuration (including cabling, connections, splitters, amplifiers, multiplexers, UHF antennas, VHF antennas and digital antennas), to complex home and commercial theatre systems like LCD screens, plasma screens, motorised screens, IR systems, speakers, mixers, DVDs and amplifiers.

Closed-circuit television system

CCTV ensures the safety and security of everyone who enters your business. Our installation team will handle the connection and maintenance of CCTV equipment as well as extra components like cameras, LCD displays, DVRs, and more. We’re experienced in fitting out a huge range of businesses and properties and can tailor the setup to your unique space.

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Free to Air (FTA), Cable and Satellite

We provide a range of services for free-to-air, cable and satellite services including connections, splitters, amplifiers and multiplexers. We also provide UHF antennas, VHF antennas, digital antennas and satellite dishes to homes, unit blocks and even large commercial buildings.

Access control

We provide, install and maintain state-of-the-art access control facilities that help to secure and protect your business. Our services include keyless entry using proximity cards, keypads, wireless systems and more that help you keep out unwanted visitors and monitor the movement of your employees to ensure their safety.

Intercom systems

Increase security and improve communication in your business with an intercom system. We will install a system to meet your needs whether it be for a commercial building, unit block or a single office. We can also install full colour TV intercom systems.

Security system

A high-quality security system is the best way to protect your business and keep your employees and customers safe. We provide and install a wide range of systems, such as motion detection and CCTV systems.

Telephone & data

Problem-free communication is essential for any business. Our high-end cabling ensures the speed and quality of information is of the highest order. We provide many different types of phone and data systems, all of which are optimised for office use and even the largest commercial buildings.

Fire detection systems

High-quality and expertly installed fire detection systems are essential to all businesses and ensure the safety of your staff and customers in the event of a fire. We provide installation of commercial fire detection systems as well as regular maintenance to keep your systems in working order and ready to protect your business.

Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling offers high-quality calls, lightning-fast internet, network connectivity and many more essential services for a growing business. Our technicians will expertly install, test and even certify fibre optic cabling to take your organisation to the next level.

Solar systems

We deliver solar power systems for your home or business including the installation of solar panels, inverters and batteries as an alternative power source that can save you money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Choosing the correct LED lighting solution for your business is not easy without some help from the experts. Lyon Technics will provide you with the LED lighting solution that works for your specific needs. It’s about maintaining the correct lighting outputs, control, switching and dimming are also crucial. We’re also happy to assist in obtaining Energy Credits for your commercial LED lighting projects, as Lyon Technics is an approved installer for a number of LED lighting suppliers as part of the NSW Energy Saving Scheme

Thermographic Services

Infrared thermography test inspection reporting, switchboard inspection and thermal imaging scanning are undertaken while the equipment is online and running at normal load. The testing monitors temperatures and thermal patterns allowing for early detection and inspection of possible faults indicated by a rise in temperature. After every inspection we do, hard and/or soft copy reports, containing documentary evidence of survey results, are provided with each survey.